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Message from Academy Head

Hello Future Business Leaders!

Welcome to the world of aptitude learning!

Bfactory is not just a CAT preparation institute, but it is also a pre B-school. Bfactory coaching is the first step in your corporate life.

Apart from training on all chapters and methods for exams, we empower you with atomic habits for mastering aptitude: habits like daily relevant reading, calculation practice and word learning. We train you in communication aspects, resume making, statement of purpose writing and lots more. We guide you on profile building and also on MS office skill building. We provide value added guest lectures and industry workshops like “Digital Marketing”, “Public Services” etc.

Bfactory brings to you the pre B school learning that can help you shine above others once you enter your dream MBA college.

Bfactory aptitude learning is revolutionary. CAT is an online examination. The learning pedagogy should keep that in mind. Test practice is needed as selection, speed and accuracy needs to be built on a regular basis. In order to monitor and assist student performance over the duration of preparation, every student gets an IIM mentor. The training pedagogy and personal mentorship at Bfactory is unmatched.

Our faculty members and mentors are MBAs and engineers from the top IIMs/NITs/BITs of the country. We have a strong team of masters in english as well who work day in and out to train students and to create updated CAT content. The growing team of students and teachers at Bfactory is representative of the change in aptitude learning that Bfactory has brought in the MBA preparation spectrum in India. We believe in results. Our students have reached all top B schools in the country and many have done MIM/MBA from abroad. If you have the will, we walk the way with you.

We not only teach, but also prepare with you.

Happy learning!