Yes. Be it webinar courses or video courses, all CAT Advanced classes are taken by Rahul Anand Sir and Kamlesh Chauhan Sir. Additionally there are two more categories of classes that are included in the course module:
  • Basic subject lectures – by subject matter experts with 10 +- years of CAT coaching experience
  • Strategy/Achievement talk – by IIM alumni
There are 20 IIMs across India. These IIMs are classified by students into three main categories:
  • Old IIMs – BLACKIS
  • New IIMs – IIM Ranchi + 5
  • Baby IIMs- The latest addition to the IIM family – IIM Bodh Gaya +
Like CAT, XAT also has 3 sections, but the difference is XAT does not have a DI/LR section, instead it has a Decision Making section which checks your decision making ability. So the 3 sections are Verbal Ability, Quant and Decision making. XAT also has 2 other sections: 1. GK and 2. Essay Writing. GK and Essay Writing do not have any weightage in calculating the percentile, but affect the final score while shortlisting. The other major difference is that CAT has three separate timed sections while XAT is a single paper wherein you can manage time among sections.
Bfactory is the best mainly because of three reasons:
  • The trainers at Bfactory are alumni from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. They give CAT regularly and set mock papers/sheets as per the latest CAT pattern.
  • The aptitude learning pedagogy at Bfactory is totally different from any other institute in the world. Bfactory expert team has developed a complete learning module which provides horizontal depth (variety in solution) along with vertical depth (variety in question type) in preparation. We call it Multi-CAT training methodology.
  • Bfactory PMP “Personal Mentorship Program” is what makes Bfactory CAT training fun. Bfactory team provides strategic prep guidance as well as paper strategy guidance. Webinars/lectures/doubt clearing groups etc. exist for the same. GD-PI-WAT mentorship is also provided. Every student is assigned an IIM A mentor who guides the student on the way to his/her CAT success.
Bfactory academic learning is structured into five major verticals:
  • Quantitative ability: H.O.D -> Rahul Sir(PGDM, IIM A)
  • Verbal ability: H.O.D -> Rita Mam(M.A English, Barkatullah university)
  • Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning: H.O.D -> Kamlesh Sir(PGDM, IIM A)
  • Value Added Services(GD-PI-WAT-PMP-RESUME): H.O.D -> Nazish Sir(MBA, NIT T)
Bfactory has a doubt clearing forum where any trial user or paid user can post their doubts and get the 100thpercentiler solutions directly from our faculty who are the best in the business. Institute also provides periodic strategic Q&A online sessions for clearing strategic queries w.r.t MBA entrance examinations and college selection.
  • Free users:
  • Both of them are very active on Quora. Rahul Sir is one of the most viewed writers on CAT Preparation related questions on Quora. Quora is the best place where you can interact with them. You can also join our facebook group – ‘CAT PREP WITH IIM A ALUMNI’ to be in touch with them.
  • Premium users:
  • There are whatsapp groups and secret Facebook groups for premium users. Lots of live interactions/quizzes/doubt clearing sessions etc. are held on these groups.
Maximum batch size in webinar classrooms is 20. Students buying video coaching module will also get doubt clearing/ strategy webinar sessions.
CAT Gold test series has been designed by our experts to give you the real feel of CAT. The test series will contain video solution and analysis of periodic Full Mock tests where you will get Multi-CAT solutions to every question and will also be guided on selection, speed and accuracy in tests.
To get the real feel of ‘Classroom Coaching’ online, we have designed CAT Ultima for you. The video module will have Multi CAT solutions which means you will get more than one trick to solve any question. You can even comment and post your doubts on any video which will be replied within 48 hours. The videos will train you on all relevant concepts required for CAT based on the CAT 2016-17 level and pattern.
Bfactory faculty team at Ranchi is headed by Rahul Sir and Kamlesh Sir. A team of 8 other subject matter and R&D experts also works with the students on building concepts.